Surface treatment for the industry

Chem-Tec Plating A/S is highly specialized in functional plating primarily including properties such as contactability, solderability, wear and abrasion resistance, frictional properties, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

The plating is based on solutions for a wide range of industrial fields such as printed circuit boards and the electronic industry as well as the engineering industry including the food, medical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout the entire production process flexibility and quality are the key words. Right from the consulting phase and proposals of solutions to tests and production and subsequently quality control and delivery.

  • Electroless and electrolytic metallic plating with a wide range of processes.
  • State-of-the-art functional and decorative coating for various purposes and industrial fields.
  • Consultancy and development of the proper plating for any product and purpose.
  • Dedicated development and adaptation of process lines in major current productions.
  • Major player in the Nordic market.

Besides from providing metallic surface treatment Chem-Tec Plating A/S is involved in the development process guaranteeing the necessary focus on the product surface from the beginning of the process ensuring the ideal surface finish.

We have competent and dedicated employees in all functions, where a large proportion has many years of employment with us. This helps to ensure an always high quality.

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