Electroless nickel

Electroless nickel is a nickel phosphorus alloy coating, that can be used in three ways; for high abrasion resistance, soldering and electronics and high corrosion protection.

Specifications (Datasheet)
Electroless nickel


Electroless nickel is a nickel phosphorus alloy commonly divided into low-phosphorus (high abrasion resistance), medium-phosphorus (soldering and electronics), and high-phosphorus (high corrosion protection). 

Plated electroless nickel has a hardness of 450 HV100. After being heat treated to 250oC the hardness increases to 650 HV100


Light, matte, or shiny surface similar to stainless steel.

Thickness of layer:     

5 - 50 µm with the possibility of higher coating thickness.

Uniform thickness of nickel coating on the parts both inside and outside. Plating tolerance ±10 % of coating thickness.

Base material:

Electroless nickel may be plated on steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminium, and sintered parts.


Fittings, valves, hydraulic components, electric motor parts, transmission and pump parts, sprocket wheels, wearing parts on packing machines and electronic and medicinal equipment. May be partially plated on e.g. bearing surfaces. 


ISO 4527

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