Electroless nickel/PTFE

This treatment is useful in areas which are unreachable for lubrication.

Embedded in the coating are up to 20% PTFE particles, also known as Teflon, which provides a good corrosion protection.

Specifications (Datasheet)
Electroless nickel/PTFE


Electroless nickel/PTFE is a nickel phosphorus alloy containing 9-12 % phosphorus and the in the coating there can be up to 20 % PTFE particles. Fairly good corrosion protection.

Friction value of electrolessl nickel/PTFE on steel ~ 0.1. 

450 HV100 hardness with a maximum temperature of 260oC. 


Light to dark charcoal grey, matte surface.

Thickness of layer:         

3 - 7 µm electrolessl nickel/PTFE on 5 - 20 µm electroless nickel (Duplex Ni). 

Uniform thickness of coating on the piece including in internal nickel-plating.

Base material:

Electroless nickel/PTFE may be plated on steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminium. 


Fittings, valves, hydraulic components, transmission and pump parts, wearing parts and welding jaws. 

May be used as a dry-lubrication in areas unreachable for lubrication.

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