Nickel allergy risk free nickel coating. Extremely corrosion resistant - also in corrosive environments, e.g. containing hydrochloric acid or nitric acid. 

Tin/nickel alloy consists of 65 % tin and 35 % nickel.

Specifications (Datasheet)


Allergy risk free nickel coating.
Abrasion resistant coating with 750 HV hardness.
Extremely corrosion resistant. 
Tin/nickel alloy consists of 65 % tin and 35 % nickel. 


Light, shiny surface, similar to stainless steel.

Base material:     

Tin/nickel may be plated on nickel, copper, brass or steel.


Can replace nickel coatings involving the risk of nickel allergy.
Abrasion resistant coating. 
In corrosive environments containing hydrochloric acid or nitric acid.

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